The little house we rent on a quiet street in South City is home to a nice backyard, perfect for Walter Bishop’s sprints back and forth to chase cars. The covered patio off the back of the house was what sold me in the beginning. Large brick stones cover the large patio, wide-open to the rest of the space.

The car port off of the garage will become a second patio area. Due to Walter Bishop escape attempts, we rarely, if ever, park our cars inside the fence. I hope to build some sort of large table out of reclaimed materials (a wooden door, sign, or something) and park a small gathering of metal chairs around it, perfect for backyard BBQ’s.

A few weeks back, my family spent a Sunday rehabbing the plants, flowers, and ugly shrubs that were left by the previous tenant. The flowers they planted are growing quickly, adding pops of pink and purple. I hope to nab some hanging plants for the patios, too.

With summer fast-approaching, my obvious next project is lawn furniture of some sort. Seating for friends presently consists of a couple old wood dining chairs, my prized 1960′s lawn rocker and some sweet camp chairs that should only be used for Husband Pants’s manly float trips.

I’ve been scouring the web for ideas + here are a few of my faves:

These benches from Anthropologie are so dreamy…if I could only make them myself!

Perfect to sit in while reading White Noise, like I do every summer…


I have  a “thing” for old metal lawn chairs. I love the idea of repairing these oldies with leather belts. Yee haw!

{Days like these remind me that we need a sled…oh, and a snow shovel…}
Lucky me, I was already off today + avoided the mess. After spending the afternoon with Walter Bishop watching a mini-marathon of Stanley Kubrick flicks, I finally picked my lazy bones off the warm, comfy bed and wandered into the fluffy white stuff.

Thirty minutes later, I had uncovered the VW from the thick layer of blinding, frozen, fluff. Walter Bishop, being fur-covered and completely out-of-his-mind, ran like a mad man (er, dog) in circles round the yard chasing invisible cars and rolling in the snow.

Walter Bishop reminds me of a Taun-Taun (or a polar bear) more than ever…

{ every giant closet needs a mannequin }

Although we’ve yet to take down the X-mas tree, It’s time for a new home re-do project! After years spent with closets covered from floor-to-ceiling in tiny, yet adorable apartments, we finally have an extra room for me to play with… and turn into a walk-in dreamland.

While discussing wishes for my birthday this month, I suggested to Husband Pants that we give the ten boxes of my clothes and vintage goodies their own space. We decided to move my craft studio to the basement, combining it with the spare bedroom downstairs and turn the former studio space into a walk-in closet. Gush!


I’ve been having flashes of Carrie Bradshaw’s closet while dreaming up the layout of the room. We’re starting almost from scratch, leaving the pegboard wall my Dad built to use to display jewelry, hats, scarves, and bags. The walls are white (for now) and the floor is the same hardwood as the rest of the house.

So, now it’s time for some good ‘ol fashioned planning. I’ve been digging through hundreds of photos of closets on Flickr for ideas. What would you wish for (other than maybe Carrie Bradshaw’s wardrobe) in your dream closet?

P.S. check out more photos of un-earthed goodies in my walk*in Flickr set.